Jan 31, 2022

Land Rover Defender Comes with Continental’s CrossContact RX Crossover Tires

All Land Rover Defender models, including the plug-in hybrid, are now equipped ex-works with Continental’s 19 and 22-inch CrossContact RX crossover tires. This line of tires was explicitly developed for crossover and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and features a performance profile that is both sporty and suitable for off-road use.

The CrossContact RX also has outstanding handling characteristics. The traction performance in wet conditions and the short braking distance during braking manoeuvres on wet roads ensure a high degree of driving safety. The tire’s uniform sipe arrangement also reduces rolling noise on the road, and the design of the tire sidewall enables a precise steering response. The unique tread pattern and reinforced sidewall protect the tires effectively from damage caused by stone chips, for example, and when driving on moderate terrain. Continental is the sole supplier of the 22-inch CrossContact RX tires approved for the Defender.

At the end of 2021, a special edition of the vehicle appeared in the latest film starring the British secret agent in her Majesty’s service. With a limited production run of 300, the vehicles were exclusively fitted with 22-inch CrossContact RX tires by Continental.

Source: Continental

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