Jan 27, 2022

150 Years of History: Industry, Culture, Innovation, and People Building a Sustainable Future

“Our industry is by its very nature progressive”. It was in 1880 that Giovanni Battista Pirelli said this about his recently founded company. In just in a few simple words, the sentence captures the meaning and the essence of the project that he had brought into being. “Progressive” in the sense of being committed to detecting and bringing about progress and giving it new impetus. Progress in industry, technology and production, but also in the economic and social spheres. …

A long life: 150 years, and counting. A life to be celebrated – with a series of events that begin on Friday 28th, the date when the deed of foundation of Pirelli was signed. The first event, at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, will bring together historical reconstructions, current events and ideas for the future (with Ferruccio de Bortoli, Stefano Domenicali, Giampiero Massolo, Paolo Mieli, Renzo Piano, Alberto Pirelli, Ferruccio Resta, Anna Maria Testa and Marco Tronchetti Provera on stage and with live streams, presented by Ilaria D’Amico). This will be followed by a whole range of institutional, cultural and economic initiatives, also in countries around the world where Pirelli has a strong industrial and commercial presence (two of the initiatives, promoted by the Italian Mint and the State Printing Office respectively, will be the issue of three commemorative coins and a special postage stamp, in the series dedicated to areas of “excellence in the economic system”). …

Source: Pirelli

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