Feb 22, 2023

Smithers Proving Ground Tour Part of Traction Summit 2023

Traction Summit 2023 is coming to San Antonio, TX on May 23-25 for another year of actionable and exciting presentations, networking, and insights.

This year’s event will continue to explore Sustainability in Tires: From Materials to Aftermarket. Looking at current and future automotive trends, such as electric vehicles, the impact on the tire industry, and changing environmental regulations. As more companies and regulators pursue lower carbon emissions and more efficient and environmentally sound polices, what does that mean for the automotive industry and tire industry?

As an added conference benefit, Smithers is planning a tour of a local proving ground on the morning of Thursday, May 25. Transportation will be provided from the conference venue, and participants will have a chance to see various track/surface types including wet and dry VDA’s, a high-speed oval, and off-road trails. The Smithers team members and proving ground staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

Source: Traction Summit

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