Oct 4, 2021

Truck Innovations Show Shape of Things to Come

Top suppliers offer futuristic solutions to help miners decarbonize, automate, boost efficiency and meet U.N. sustainability goals

The haul truck is iconic to mining. Its sheer size represents the disproportionate role mining plays in shaping not just industry or the global economy, but civilization itself.

Naturally, as global governance organizations, like the United Nations (U.N.), and their Global Compact participants, seek to transform both civilization and mining, the haul truck has become a symbol of revolutionary decarbonization efforts. After all, as a major supplier told E&MJ, the majority of greenhouse gas emissions produced by mining comes “from diesel trucks in open-pit mines.”

Air Cylinder Wheels Improve Efficiency

Global Air Cylinder Wheels reported recent field trials demonstrate the new Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) capable of redefining production limits while decreasing fuel consumption, waste and vehicle strain. …

Source: E&MJ

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