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Giti Tire Powers the 2024 Formula Regional Middle East Championship

The FIA-Certified Formula Regional Middle East Championship (FRMEC) returned in 2024 with Giti tires fitted. The stage is once again set for young talents to pit against each other in a 29-car series across 15 races in the Middle Eastern region.

Giti Tire is the official race tire for the FRMEC which started on 12 January 2024 and will run till 18 February 2024 across the Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina Circuit.

2023 FRMEC Overall Champion and Mercedes Formula 1 protégé, Antonelli, graduated from the FRMEC and is currently preparing for his rookie season at the FIA Formula 2 level. Building on the legacy of champions like Antonelli, the 2024 FRMEC season promises to elevate the competition to new heights. With a line-up of seasoned and emerging talents, each race will showcase the pinnacle of young racing prowess, with the winning of the FRMEC acting as their “golden ticket” to take on higher level Formula racing, building towards entering the F1 Hall of Fame.

The equipped GitiCompete GTR1 embodies a fusion of advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Designed for extreme performance, these slick tires are tailored to meet diverse demands of Middle Eastern racetracks. Featuring unique compound and tread designs, optimized for delivering exceptional grip and stability at high speeds. They become critical allies for drivers to push their limits on the circuit.

Giti engineers will provide live tire support while collecting valuable quantitative and qualitative data on the performance of the tires. Giti stands firm to its original purpose of taking on the harsh track conditions of the races: to promote research through competition and feedback improvements into its products for civilian use.

Giti looks forward to working closely with organisers, crews and drivers to bring out the best performance of man and machine. Giti Tire continues to push the boundaries of tire technology in these high-level events, exploring new horizons through accumulated experience and R&D data, pioneering frontiers and optimizing performance throughout our line of products.





January 10-11

Yas Marina, UAE

Pre-Season Test

January 12-14

Yas Marina, UAE

Round 1 (Races 1-3)

January 19-21

Yas Marina, UAE

Round 2 (Races 4-6)

February 2-4

Dubai Autodrome, UAE

Round 3 (Races 7-9)

February 9-11

Yas Marina, UAE

Round 4 (Races 10-12)

February 16-18

Dubai Autodrome, UAE

Round 5 (Races 13-15)

Source: Giti Tire

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