2 weeks ago

Michelin’s Sustainability Efforts Might Just Be, Well, Sustainable

… As fun as my ride in the Lucid was, it was a small part of a larger event put on by tire maker Michelin – one meant to give assembled media and analysts insight into the company’s sustainability plans. Other aspects of the event included a chance to chat fuel cells with Symbio, drive an electric-motor-powered big rig on the racetrack grounds, and a few laps of our own in new cars to get a sense of how Michelin’s newest rubber works. Well, two new cars – a Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQS – and an aging Ford Explorer. …

There was a lot going on last month at what was once called Sears Point. We spent our morning listening to key Michelin execs talk about sustainability when it comes to tires and other aspects of the business, and sat down with some of these same folks for interviews later. The rest of our day was given over to the events listed above. …

Source: TTAC

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