Jan 7, 2017

Gear Up for Winter Driving

Be Tire Smart Canada stood track-side with Raptors in-game and digital host, Kat Stefankiewicz, as she got the low-down on essential gear for the winter driving season.

Avoid Winter Driving Headaches with the Right Tech

From your choice of tires to what you put under the hood and in the trunk, a bit of planning can go a long way toward avoiding the pain, expense and danger of a winter road mishap. Canadian Tire product specialist, Chris Heck, explains how to get your ride winter-ready. New Call-to-action Having a professional inspect your vehicle can give you important peace of mind during the winter driving season. In addition to a comprehensive winter tune-up that examines areas like your brakes, engine fluids, electrical system and tires, this gear check-list can help you stay one step ahead of nasty weather:

1. Battery – Be sure to have your battery inspected regularly to maintain reliable engine starts. Look for a battery designed to provide reliable starting in cold temperatures.

2. Winter-ready wiper blades – Not all wiper blades are created equal when it comes to handling extreme cold temperatures and preventing snow and ice build-up, so ask in-store about winter wiper blade options that fit your vehicle.

3. Winter windshield washer fluid – Make sure your windshield washer fluid is effective up to -40 degrees Celsius and regularly top up your reservoir so you’re always ready for flying snow and ice.

4. Synthetic oil – Synthetic oils are designed to flow better at low temperatures, making for better cold weather engine starts.

5. Keeping your car clear of snow and ice – Use a telescopic snow brush and ice scraper to clear all vehicle surfaces (including headlights and taillights) before you shift into drive to ensure maximum visibility for yourself and prevent flying snow and ice from distracting other drivers.

6. Winter safety kit – While avoiding mishaps is always goal number one, be ready for the unexpected with an emergency kit that contains winter safety essentials like jumper cables, roadside reflectors, a tow rope, candles, matches, flashlight, shovel, traction mat, phone charger and basic gear to keep you warm.

7. Commute plan – Check your local weather forecast and plan your route so you’re not caught off guard by inclement weather; services like Ontario.ca/511 (@511Ontario on Twitter) can help you plan routes in advance.

8. Adjust your habits – Adjust your driving to the changing weather conditions. Take your time, drive defensively, and keep extra distance between you and others during the winter.

Chris from Canadian Tire gets Kat up to speed on essential winter driving gear.

The Winter Tire Advantage

It’s easy to forget that four postcard-size patches of rubber are all that stand between your car and the road. Especially during winter weather, your choice of tires can mean the difference between a safe ride home and a costly collision. Professional driving instructor, Kevin Cronin, explains why winter tires are the perfect travel companion for your winter commute.

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Ask your local tire service professional about options that meet your needs and check out this list of winter tire brands and models available in Canada. Download 2016/2017 Canadian Winter Tire List

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