Juin 19, 2020

Choose the Right Tires and Make Them Last

We have created two new videos that will give a handful of simple tips that can help ensure your tires deliver their best performance, last longer, perform better and provide the their best when it comes to stopping distances and road safety.

Finding Your Perfect Tire Match

When choosing new tires, it’s important to think about three things: Vehicle fit, driving conditions and performance preferences. Tire manufacturers offer you a world of possibilities when it comes to meeting your personal driving preferences, be it prioritizing fuel economy, ride comfort, superior grip or others. No one tire can do it all, so choose the right tire for your ride. To enjoy the handling and performance that your vehicle is designed to deliver, follow manufacturer guidelines for tire size, speed rating and load rating. Learn how to choose the best tire for your driving stile in this video:

Finding Your Perfect Tire Match Du bon entretien des pneus

Tire Maintenance Done Right

To make your tires last longer, perform better and save you money on fuel, be sure to regularly inspect and care for them. This video will show you how to maintain your tires by regularly checking tire pressure, inspecting tire tread and keeping tire rotation and wheel alignment in mind.

Tire Maintenance Done Right / Trouver le pneu qui convient parfaitement

Our goal is to encourage Canadian motorists to adopt good tire maintenance practices that will maximize the life span of tires, increase fuel efficiency, and keep our roads safer.

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